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Jul 19, 2011 6:00am PDT
. >> a grilling on tap for a media mogul. verbal firing squad awaiting rupert murdoch this morning. >> and breaking news, new information about a missing 62 world wind surfer found alive. after an all night search. >> just announced, flight arrival delays of nearly 70 minutes into sfo. our flight tracker can help you our flight tracker can help you at ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> good mor
Jul 18, 2011 5:00am PDT
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Jul 19, 2011 5:00am PDT
:30 a grilling on tap for a media mogul, verbal firing squad awaiting rupert murdoch this morning. >> here is a look at hot temperatures across the country. the only area that is going to be mild, near the coast here in california and up towards seattle and portland with low to mid-70s. good news if you are traveling that way, all major airports are running on time. flight tracker is always there for you at >>> good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where the police department is making the case before a doubt go public that their officers were justified in shooting and killing a 19-year-old man. >> also this morning, coastguard is expanding the search for a missing 62-year-old wind surfer. they are searching along the shore from foster city and beyond. >> good morning to you. here is a look at the clouds we talked about yesterday as we look from mount tamalpais. this will stop the warming trend in some areas. i'll show you those numbers in your neighborhood in a minute. >> i'm sue hall following your commute around the bay. more coming up. >>> and this mornin
Jul 20, 2011 5:00am PDT
comments came a day after rupert murdoch denied personal responsibility in the camped at his company's news of the world. >> congressional leaders from both parties will start talking understanding turkey on a plan to reduce the deficit and raise the debt limit. republican controlled house have approved a deal that would raise the limit that would require a balanced budget amendment but democrats say that plan is a no-go. karen travers s has more. >> now there a glimmer of optimism in washington. >> i think we're now seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> yesterday the gang of six announced $3.7 trillion cut over the next decade. that would include cuts to medicare, medicaid and social security and closing tax loopholes. they also passed a cut, cap and balance last night. washington may be patting on the the back with the modest progress on the deficit but outside the beltway americans have had it. >> we have had enough. >> get it done, for god's sake. >> a new "washington post" poll 80 of americans are angry with the federal government. they place the blame on on congressional
Jul 12, 2011 5:00am PDT
murdoch is spreading. gordon brown accused of newspapers of employing criminals to obtain confidential information about his family and others. before brown took office in 2006 he and his wife discovered their infant had cystic fibrosis. the newspaper is accused of containing confidential information to break the story. >> they told me the story about medical conditions and this story, i was in tears. >> he told the bbc, they obtained confidential information on bank account and legal files. "good morning america" will have more on the widening scandal coming up at 7:00. >> back here. tech giant cisco confirmed that will be laying off employees next month. bloomberg reports that they on could cut as many as 10,000 jobs or 13% of its work force. san jose based company reported about $8 billion in profit last year but had a series of disappointing earnings. in a statement. they announced they will cut billion dollars which will include layoffs. >> congress is taking up a bill that may decide the fate of incandescent light bulbs. they pushing legislation that will overturn measures in the
Jul 15, 2011 5:00am PDT
the policy it opposes. 6. >>> a protege of rupert murdoch has resigned her post. she is the biggest casualty so far in the phone hacking scandal at a now disfungt sunday tabloid. and they tried to hack into the phones of 9/11 victims. several members of congress have demanded investigation. his company has been hit they hacked into phones of thousands of people. "wall street journal", damage to the company is nothing more tha will not be recovered. they have a reputation of good work in this country. he also he was getting annoyed by negative headlines. >>> san francisco public defender jeff adachi has rolled out several videos to the embarrassment of san francisco police department in recent months. now another undercover video has surfaced but this time the tables are turned. political reporter mark matthews with the story and the video. >> as a private says he is leading the charge to revamp the pension system. it would cap benefits and raise employee contributions particularly for police and firefighters. to qualify for the november ballot, petition gatherers were hired and in this under
Jul 11, 2011 5:00am PDT
. this after a rare sunday meeting at the white house. they have ten days to reach agreement. >> rupert murdoch is in london. his paper news of the world folded yesterday downed by revelations that investigators hacked into telephone systems. >> at the box office transformers dark of moon held on to top start with $261 million in sales so far. today is 7-11 guess who is offering free slurpees? they expect to give away 5 million of the drinks at seven-eleven. >> automaker nissan say they are looking at a way to recharge their leaf cars. they are it is tinge a system to use solar power to recharge the vehicles. it could one day the batteries could be used to store electricity that could be used to power other devices. it is a hot topic. the technology could be in the use in a matter of years. >> santa clara city manager is recommending the city deny a request by former 49er great joe montana to get first shot to develop property next to the stadium. montana and former owner want 18 months of exclusive first rights to negotiate a deel lease with the city. they want a build a hotel sports bar and r
Jul 20, 2011 6:00am PDT
and values of the police force. >> the prime minister's comments come after rupert murdoch denied personal responsibility in the scandal. >>> back here in the u.s. f.b.i. has arrested 16 people in a nationwide crackdown 14 of is suspects accused of targeting pay pal last december. i.b.m. executed 35 search warrants including these you see here these were in long island. the justice department would not say how many of the sesms took place in bay area. they face charges of conspiracy and intentional damage to a protected computer. >> big day for apple shares and just word of a sweet buyout offer for clorox. >>> good morning jane. >> good morning apple generating a huge number of headlines this morning updating and announcing downloads of the new operating system available starting today. this is the latest initiative from apple that was just reported record iphone and ipad sales. shares are up quite a bit. overnight apple has traded above $400. that is record high. they are a little bit down from there but still impressive gains at more than 3%. they are reporting executive recruiter about
Jul 8, 2011 6:00am PDT
. >> tabloid highly paid editor is being moved to another publication. murdoch says revenue for the final paper will go to charity. >>> nancy pelosi meets with president obama to outline her opposition to cut social security and medicare. they met and discussion included proposals to cut spending for social security as well as medicare and medicaid. >> to not consider social security a piggybank to give tax cuts to wealthiest people in the country we're not going to balance the budget on the backs of seniors. >> we believe comprehensive tax reform on corporate side and personal side would help america be more competitive and help create more jobs in the country. >> the president has called both sides back to the white house on sunday to work on the debt crisis. >>> wall street is getting just about the worst news it could have expected regarding the nation's employment forecast. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. tracing the impact what is happening on the markets. >> good morning. when this number came out about an hour and 15 minutes ago i heard a groan on the stock
Jul 10, 2011 5:00am PDT
, now murdoch multimillion-dollar take over of britain's biggest satellite station is in jeopardy as a result of the scandal. he's flown to london to try to control the damage. >> this is the final day in los angeles for the royal couple. prince william and kate had a full day yesterday in southern california spending time raising money for charity and talking about some of their favorite causes. abc's bob woodworth has been traveling with them and has more. >> day two of will and kate's excellent american adventure began in an aerial convoy up the california coast, touching down at the posh santa barbara polo club are the well-healed and well-known came to mingle with the world's most famous newlyweds. >> he's lived his life with dignity and seems like a really good guy. >> security was extremely tight. even the vips were screened their luxury cars carefully inspected. will and kate came here to raise money for the many charities that nuc his brother, prince harry, support. >> we are focused on helping militar
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10